Cole's Moveable Feast

Cole's Moveable Feast

Friday, March 12, 2010


The other day, an acquaintance stopped me and said, "I have a friend whose child has a ton of food allergies and I was wondering if I could put her in touch with you?" This happens about once a week. Over the past decade, I have found myself mixing, mashing and messing around the kitchen in an effort to feed my family delicious things that Cole can eat. Cole is allergic to dairy, eggs, tree nuts, buckwheat, sesame and shellfish. We are very lucky that he is not also allergic to wheat and soy, and my heart goes out to the parents out there trying to cook around those ingredients. We tried for a few months while we were doing elimination testing for Cole, and it was incredibly difficult. I do sometimes limit his gluten exposure, as I've noticed he gets hyper after eating lots of wheat foods, which then triggers his asthma. So there are quite a few gluten-free recipes on this site. In any case, while this is really going to be a place where I dump recipes that I've finally gotten right, I encourage anyone to use and adapt what they find here for their own families, allergic or not. And a huge thank you to all the chefs and mothers who were out there perfecting recipes before I was. Feeding an allergic child would be so much harder without the Internet. Bon appetit!

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